Traveling to Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

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Everyone is drawn to Costa Rica and when your in Costa Rica one of the hot spots is Manuel Antonio.  The first beach you come to is Playa Espadillo Beach which offers several activites to choose from.  In the late afternoons and early evenings Manuel Antonio tourists will be amused by the monkeys that come out to visit. Spider monkeys, Capuchin and Howler monkeys are amongst them. They will be in the trees and streets, by the pools and on phone lines. Their very entertaining. Manuel Antonio is a great place for family fun.


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Umbrella and lounge chair rentals are available and you can be expected to be approached by friendly local gift and food vendors on occasion.

The waves on Playa Espadillo can be impressive and so can the strong currants at times. Be on your guard and watch your kids.

However, it’s great for basic surfing and boogie boarding.  Also, for an extra added safety measure the coast guard makes an occasional appearance patrolling the area which can give you a little piece of mind.

Whether you enjoy an active or more secluded beach, your sure to find something unique to do here.


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Manuel Antonio Beach is smaller and more seclude. This beach is only accessible on foot by taking the trail from town through the Manuel Antonio National Park. There is a sizable incline walking out from Manuel Antonio Beach so I wouldn’t recommend the hike going down to the beach area for anyone with heart or health problems.  It is heavily populated with Capuchin, squirrel monkeys, raccoons and coatimundis.  If you have to take food I would only take snacks inside a back pack and secure it well or they will take the whole bag.  I don’t  recommend touching or getting to close to the animals they are wild but fun to watch.


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