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Things to know about a Culebra Vacation in Puerto Rico

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by Kim Photo


Tropical Island Paradise will be our primary destination upon returning to Puerto Rico. It is exceptionally beautiful and a fantastic place to vacation. When you arrive in San Juan pick up some food and catch a shuttle or taxi to Fajardo where you can catch the ferry over to Culebra. Its about a 40 minute ride to Fajardo from San Juan and the ferry trip is about 1 1/2 hour ride to the island.

Culebra is a small island paradise that offers a relaxing slow pace, fun atmosphere and its great for swimming and just hanging out at the beach. The waters are warm and the beaches are clean with some decent size waves to boogie board on.  Rental trucks are usually on location for beach equipment. Umbrella and chair rentals will be set up and taken down for you along with other equipment you might need such as snorkel gear, boogie boards and other beach necessities. You will need your drivers license to rent equipment and there are moderate showers and facilities available.

There are family owned kiosks on location with good food, drinks and souvenirs. The Pina Coladas are the best. So have an open mind and try some thing unique.  The chicken kabobs, tacos and Pina Coladas are the best.  Did I mention the Pina Coladas are the BEST..

You might consider packing your own underwater gear for sterilization purposes. Here’s some good ideas that will pack nicely in your luggage.


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The best underwater fun is at Tamarindo Beach. There is a lot of marine life in the area and you can expect to see  Sea Turtles, sting rays and colorful fish.  All marine and wild life is protected so don’t touch.  The Puerto Ricans take this very seriously. The waters are calm which makes it great for snorkeling, however,  its not as sandy as Flemenco beach. Kayak tours are available from the ferry dock area that include guided snorkeling tours.

One thing really nice about Culebra is that its surrounded by a reef and has little to no shark activity which is very comforting when doing water sports. However, always have a respect for the ocean and use common sense.

Don’t forget to bring your GoPro for underwater photos.


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Culebra consists of 4 Main beaches, Flamenco Beach which is rated in the top 10 of beaches in the world, Tamarindo Beach which is great for snorkeling, Melones Beach which is great for viewing the gorgeous sunsets and Zonie Beach that has more of a rough rocky terrain.  In addition Culebra has every business to be sustainable

  •  Jeep & Golf cart Rentals
  •  Grocery store
  •  Gas station
  •  Bakery
  •  Ice cream shop
  •  Laundry room
  •  Emergency room-Dr Office
  •  Air strip
  •  And a few authentic places to eat.

There are no hotels only villas and a few small hidden resorts.

The island residence are very pleasant and friendly and treat tourists with the ultimate respect. With its low population, white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters its a place you won’t forget.


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