Currency and Transportation – Costa Rica

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San Jose is a busy town and Costa Rica’s business district.  After retrieving your luggage you’ll want to head to the currency booth.  Costa Rica’s currency is called Colones and I would suggest exchanging enough for your entire trip.  I only exchanged 600.00 for a 10 day stay but wished I would have done about 800.00 for 2 people. Most tours only except clones or cash.  Banks and Currancy Booths are hard to find and American money is worth more. In Manuel Antonio I found I could only get cash with a Visa card.



At the airport you’ll be greeted by many taxi drivers willing to take you to your destination.  Most tourists are usually headed to a destination that is at least 2 to 4 hrs away from San Jose.  Our destination was a 4 hour drive to Manuel Antonio.

If you choose to take a taxi to your destination make sure you pick a taxi that looks like it can handle the trip.  Their are a lot of uphill and curvy grades and clearly some taxis won’t be able to make it.

Taxi’s can get expensive, however, the price is always negotiable. Our cost was 200.00 American dollars for 3 persons.  I would always factor in a tip with every trip or tour you take while in Costa Rica. This is usually the only income per house hold and they could really use the money.  However,  if you choose not to tip the chances of getting attitude are slim.

Costa Rica’s main economic income comes from transportation and their very good at it. They have a huge fleet of nice charter buses that not only tourists but locals use as well continuously.

A much better way to get to your destination especially if its a ways off is to take a taxi to the bus station and catch a charter bus. Not only is it less expensive but the ride will be more enjoyable and air conditioned. I would suggest checking their schedule before booking your flight.  The difference in cost is substantial.


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