The Apache Trail and its Lakes – Arizona

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Once a trail for the Apache Indians and an Arizona old west stage coach route, the Apache Trail – SR88 is a 40 mile windy dirt road that runs through the Superstition Mountain Range. Thru its rugged desert exterior it passes 2 beautiful lakes. Canyon Lake, Apache Lake and ends at Roosevelt Lake. The Apache Trail offers beautiful scenic views throughout the trip.




There are many camping sites but if you prefer indoor accommodations the Apache Lake Marina and Resort is available.

If you decide to make the trip there are some important travel restrictions you should be aware of before traveling on the Apache Trail. The road gets very narrow and no vehicles or motorhomes longer than 14 feet are allowed.  Especially, near Roosevelt Dam and Burnt Coral.

As part of the Grand Circle, travelers seeking a history of the Old West would enjoy the journey.



At the base of the Apache Trail a fun place to visit is The Goldfield Ghost Town. It’s a true reflection of the old west. Take in a gun fight, pan for gold, shop in the many souvenir shops, or have a drink in the saloon before you head out.  Another option for a day trip on the Apache Trail is a Jeep Tour with Apache Trail Jeep Tours. Travel with experienced guides that are familiar with the area.




6 Things you should know about Arizona

  •  The worst time to travel in Arizona is the end of May through Mid September, unless you want to feel like your in an oven.
  •  Always travel with water everywhere you go in Arizona. 
  • June-August temperatures can range from 110-117 degrees, traveling the desert is not fun during this time.
  •  Rodeo season starts in September
  •  Stay away from Jumping Cactus
  •  Rattle snake season starts mid September

The Best Lake for Camping

Roosevelt Lake is a very large lake with a lot of space for camping and water fun. The Marina is located near the Dam but if you travel north for a few miles you’ll run into several locations with camp sites. For day and over night camping you will need to obtain a Tonto National Forest Pass. You can purchase them from the Butcher Hook Store, Tonto Basin grocery store located north of the camping sites or you can purchase them in town at convenience stores before your trip. Their very inexpensive.






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