What you need to know traveling the Apache Trail

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by Kim Proto


Once a trail for the Apache Indians and an Arizona old west stage coach route, the Apache Trail – State Route 88 is a 40 mile windy dirt road that runs through the Superstition Mountain Range. Through its rugged desert exterior it passes 3 beautiful lakes. Canyon Lake, Apache Lake and ends at Roosevelt Lake. The Apache Trail offers beautiful scenic views and unique hiking trails throughout the trip.


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Travel Restrictions on the Apache Trail 

Important travel restrictions you should be aware of before traveling on the Apache Trail. The road gets very narrow and no vehicles or motor homes longer than 14 feet are allowed.  Especially, near Roosevelt Dam and Burnt Coral. There are many shear cliffs and not much turn around room.



Awesome Camp Grounds

Apache Lake has some nice camp sites and indoor accommodations at the Apache Lake Marina and Resort.  Boat and Jet ski rentals are available as well. When you reach the west furthest end of the Apache Trail you’ll cross the newly renovated Roosevelt Dam where you’ll see Roosevelt Lake.  Its a large lake with beautiful mountain views and large open areas to camp and dock boats safely out of the brush.  Its a great place for water sports and fishing is really good for Big mouth Bass, Flathead Catfish, Carp and in certain seasons Crapie.

As part of the Grand Circle, travelers seeking a history of the Old West would enjoy the journey.